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The house is located in the most beautiful part of the Ager Romanus, and is rich in history. It sits on a hill overlooking a quiet valley in the outskirts of Rome, between the villages of Tragliata and Testa di Lepre, and is found 15 minutes from the center of Rome and the Vatican City. Within the space of a short drive you can reach Civitavecchia, Viterbo, the Monti Cimini, Lake Bracciano, and various Etruscan necropolis sites. The diverse Etruscan countryside to the West and North of the house plays host to numerous charming places of interest. Archaeological treasures, hilltop villages, castles, volcanic lakes, and gardens, all waiting to be visited. To the west is the multi-faceted Tyrrhenian Coast which offers beaches and entertainment of all kinds. Testa di Lepre is a Fiumicino village, in the province of Rome, the center of which dates back to the Middle Ages, a time during which it was called ‘Testa Leporis’, following which it became an estate of various noble families. Tragliata is a village that perches in a stunning, elevated position, in the middle of the Rio Maggiore valley; and the sides of the hill are excavated in several areas. Points of interest are the large Etruscan underground silos used for storing cereal, and the Tragliata castle, built between the 9th and 10th centuries, used for defense and as a lookout tower. The House is 15 minutes from Leonardo da Vinci international airport in Fiumicino, and 25 minutes from Rome’s second airport, Ciampino.